years’ experience in Education Consulting

We have provided our services to more than 15,000 Students

Making contact with 1,500 Partners from education institutions, universities and education service providers around the world

Our Services

Student services

Qobolak have partnerships with universities around the world and our experienced team help students to find their ideal course and place of study.

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Scholarship and Training Program Services

Working with language schools around the world, Qobolak support students in offering expert advice, support with admission and other services.

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University and Education Institution Services

We help place students going to study abroad in their ideal accommodation based on their own personal preferences.

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Recruitment Services

Qobolak can guide you through the entire process of applying for the right type of visa when you go to study abroad.

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Message From Qobolak

We provide services, consultations, solutions and technologies for clients in the Middle East and North Africa, whether individuals or establishments, designing, planning and implementing ambitious programs at education institutions around the world. Additionally, we assist our clients in selecting the appropriate country and program for their studies, guiding them through the application procedure, earning them acceptance to their chosen institution, and assisting with related services before and after commencing their course.

OUR VISION: Making education accessible to all.

OUR MISSION: We strive to provide access to the highest quality education

What Students Say About Us

All thanks and appreciation for their efforts. I am currently on scholarship in the United States of America at the way of Qoblek Company. By God, praise and thanks be to God. I especially thank the director of Qoblek Company Abu Bakr, Ms. Thanks and respect to them, may God reward them well special thanks

Tawaf Marwi

Postgraduate MBA

Special thanks to the honourable Professor Ali Al-Qahtani for his generosity, and he is the person responsible for extracting the visa. In fact, a sophisticated and professional style and treatment, God bless him, as well as a special thanks to Sister Maha Muhammad, may God grant.

Abdullah Almanea


I would like to thank your admission office for completing my scholarship procedures quickly and without any problems. I would like to thank Mrs. Zain, who is responsible for the mission’s procedures, for her cooperation, patience, and sincerity in her work. 

Mona Alajmi


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